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Get a free gift of worth ₹280 on every order



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Becoming a Gentleman is hard; hence we have made a list of the most important etiquettes and manners that all men must know.

  1. Leave the lowest Button of Your Suit Jacket Unbuttoned Origin.
  2. Hold the Door Open
  3. Arrive (Anywhere) On Time
  4. Master the Art of First Impressions
  5. Practice Good Hygiene
  6. Take Off Your Hat Indoors
  7. Pull Out a Lady’s Chair for Her
  8. Understand the Difference Between Celebrating Gracefully and Humble bragging
  9. Practice Basic Table Manners
  10. Know When to place Your Phone Down 
  11. Replenish What you’re taking
  12. Always greet your guests at the door & make them feel comfortable in your home.
  13. Take people’s coats and jackets for them and tell them where they’re should they have them.
  14. Circulate, participate in conversations, and introduce your guests to at least one another, especially anyone who has come on their own and should not know anyone.
  15. confirm everyone’s drinks are topped up. Half-pissed guests are way easier to impress anyway.
  16. If you’re having an oversized number of guests over, you’ll probably knock the ‘shoes off at the door’ policy on the top. There’s something a small amount weird, a couple of big parties where nobody has their shoes on.
  17. Don’t play with your phone while keeping a machine or bench. If the gym is busy, let some other people sit in between sets instead of taking over space fiddling on Facebook.
  18. Always wipe down any machine after you’ve done using it. 
  19. Put all things away when you’re done with them. Barbells are the proper shape for someone to trip over and hurt themselves. Don’t let it’s your fault.
  20. Don’t roar and loudly drop your weights at the end of a collection. You aren’t the Incredible Hulk. Even if you are doing, smell a touch like him.
  21. See those big floor-to-ceiling mirrors? They’re for studying your form. 
  22. Remember those computer game levels where you’d need to make it past a series of swinging obstacles or be knocked to your death? That’s the environment you’re replicating for everybody once you do your kettlebell workout next to the treadmills. 
  23. Be clean and wear clean clothes. Nobody wants or deserves a waft of your #gains each time you lift your arms to do a rep. Your gym kit bag should be emptied each time you utilize it.
  24. Stay out of a lifter’s bubble. Unless you’re spotting them, you would like to provide anyone using the squat rack, bench, or lifting platform a buffer zone of a couple of feet.
  25. Don’t stare.
  26. Never give out unwanted training guidance, or if somebody gives some to you, simply smile at him and thank them and continue your workout exactly how you were doing it before they stuck their nose in.
  27. You shouldn’t be expected to cater to particularly unusual dietary habits, but it wouldn’t hurt to do a veggie option if you recognize that one or more of your guests aren’t meat lovers.
  28. Don’t just play the music you wish, but don’t make it a free-for-all; otherwise, you risk people isolating songs halfway through to play their own. Assess the group and also the mood and create a playlist accordingly.
  29. If having guests remain, confirm their room is tidy which the linen is fresh.
  30. Everyone loves a drink, but also ensure you’re furnished alternatives for people who are driving and guests’ children. The last item you would like could be a bunch of wasted kids running riot.
  31. Always thank your guests for coming.
  32. Offer to pay on the primary date, but never insist. If she wants to travel 50-50, the gentlemanly thing to do is to agree. Or the opposite way to play it’s to forget gender politics entirely and work on this rule: if you requested the pleasure of their company, then you must pay.
  33. Take the initiative in organizing the primary date. Few are the things are less sexy than asking.
  34. even though you’ll be able to see instantly that a blind date may be a blind alley, stick around for a few drinks a minimum. It won’t kill you, and that they could be feeling constant.
  35. message that day when coming from a date, if not sooner. Even a disastrous one.
  36. Use your recent profile photo on dating apps. That snap from five years ago once you still had hair and hadn’t discovered Deliveroo yet doesn’t count.
  37. message first and say something specific concerning their profile. As long as it’s not a “nice rack.”
  38. Offer your date seat with the most straightforward view. Or whichever seat She/He wants, for that matter.
  39. Put your phone away, FFS.
  40. If you’re in a restaurant, treat staff respectfully. Being rude to waiters and waitresses, even bad ones, could be a dead giveaway that you just are a wrong’ un. Your date will notice, then will everyone else.
  41. Don’t leave more than each day between messages if you would like the correspondence to continue.
  42. during a modern time of caps that are as well-cut (and often from a similar material) as your best overcoat, taking your hat off indoors is somewhat outdated. Just use the top it’s sitting on to make a decision when and where it’s acceptable. A wedding: no. during a burger bar: yes.
  43. ‘Black tie optional’ doesn’t provide you with the dominance to rock up to an occasion in bathing trunks, a football shirt, and a cowboy hat. It just means you have got the choice to wear either a dinner suit or a dark suit.
  44. Giving unsolicited style advice is the same as saying: “I don’t like what you’re wearing.”
  45. Like your friend’s new jacket? Great, tell them. A compliment can make someone’s day. However, imitation isn’t the sincerest kind of flattery. Ask before ripping them off and buying a similar one.
  46. take off your sunglasses indoors and in the hours of darkness. No exceptions.
  47. If you’re going somewhere nice for drinks, don’t be the guy who gets the complete group turned away because he decided his right to wear running shoes was more important than everyone else’s night out.
  48. When it comes to tailoring, know your measurements, such as you know your identification number. The fit is everything. “That’ll do” shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary.
  49. If you’re unsure of how formal an occasion is, always dress up instead of down. You’d preferably be the sole guy in a shirt and tie then the alone guy in a T-shirt and shorts.
  50. It’s general knowledge that female guests should never wear white to marriage, not to steal attention far away from the bride. As a man, you must do a similar. We’re not saying that you don’t wear a white dress, but please avoid stepping on the groom’s toes style-wise.

Bonus Tip

If your partner requests whether or not something looks good on them, it always does.

Thank You For Reading and Giving Us Your Valuable Time.

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