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These days, if you are not a pogonophile (One who loves or studies beards) yourself, there is a sporting chance you recognize someone who is. (We’ll wait here while you Google it.)

Brushing off claims that peak beard has been and passed, the facial hair trend is here to remain. And with beards now a firm a part of men’s facial furniture, the stress has shifted to “how,” not “if,” you ought to grow yours.

Much an equivalent way, not every hairstyle will suit you, and beards aren’t one-size-fits-all.

What Face Shape Am I?

To make all future grooming decisions clean-cut, it’s essential to understand your face shape. How you identify this is often simple. First, arm yourself with a versatile tape. Then, take the subsequent measurements, recording each as you go.

1. Forehead: Measure across your face from the peak of 1 eyebrow arch to the height of the other angle.

2. Cheekbones: Measure across your cheekbones, starting and ending at the pointiest part below each outer eye corner.

3. Jawline: Measure from the tip of your chin to below your ear at the purpose at which your jaw angles upwards. Multiply that number by two to urge your jawline measurement.

4. Face Length: Measure from the centre of your hairline to the tip of your chin.

Once you’ve taken these measurements, note which is the largest of the four, then compare it to the seven main profiles to work out where your face falls.

  • Oval: Face length is more significant than the cheekbones’ width, and forehead is more critical than the jawline. The angle of the jaw is rounded instead of sharp.
  • Rectangle: Face length is the best measurement. Forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are similar in size.
  • Triangular: Jawline measures greater than cheekbones, which measure more considerable than the forehead.
  • Round: Cheekbones and face length have an identical measurement. They’re more extensive than the forehead and jawline, which even have an equal measure. The angle of the jaw is soft and far less defined.
  • Heart: The forehead measures more incredible than the cheekbones and jawline. The chin is pointed.
  • Square: All measurements are somewhat similar. The angle of the jaw is sharp instead of rounded.
  • Diamond: Face length measures largest. Then, in descending order: cheekbones, forehead, and most minor is jawline. The chin is pointed.


What Beard Suits an Oval Face?

If you recognize yourself during this shape, try not to look too smug as you read on. With an oval face, you’ll escape with various beard styles that other men can’t. This versatility comes from being the owner of both square and round features, meaning you do not get to balance anything out. All you would like to specialize in is keeping your beard looking its best.

Rather than using this as a chance to various styles as often as Paul Pogba changes his hair, choose a timeless, classic style every other face shape wishes they might foster.

“The beard you would like is squared at the jaw, with clean lines on the cheeks, short on the edges and cut underneath,” explains Joe Mills of Joe & Co Barbers in Soho. This look combines a full beard load with the definition too often lacking from a hipster thatch.

What Beard Suits A Rectangle Face?

There’s no need for the long face, especially once you consider that an oblong face shape allows you to throw caution to the wind and see just what your facial follicles can do (providing it also suits your hairstyle).

“A rectangle may be a longer face shape. Therefore, having your beard styled long, triangular, or pointy at the chin will do one no favours,” says Lilybelle Louis of Pall Mall Barbers in Bishopsgate. “Having fuller cheeks on a beard will give the impression of a rather wider jaw, ensuring the eye is removed from the length of the face altogether.”

You don’t want to exaggerate the form you have already got. So, it provides it with some width and, if you’ll grow facial hair above the cheeks, too. Doing so will stop your face from looking too elongated.

What Beard Suits A Triangular Face?

With a triangular face, which is the other of a ‘heart’ shape, the aim is to require the eye faraway from a more prominent chin.

The most effortless thanks to doing that is with a ‘beard Stache’ (a moustache with a short beard or stubble). Once the preserve of Victorian strongmen, now a seriously cool look that’ll draw attention above the face.

With this hybrid style, avoid anything too full and thick on the cheeks, giving the unwanted impression of a good wider jawline. “Keeping hair off the cheeks does allow you to bring some well-established sideburns further down your face,” advises Mills. “I’d be loathed to travel too long on the chin. Instead, square it off at rock bottom.”

What Beard Suits A Round Face?

Beard grooming should never be overlooked, no matter your face shape. However, cultivating an outsized, unkempt beard will, during this case, only serve to show your head into a ball. So, to combat this, you would like to figure the angles.

“A rounded face shape benefits from having a triangular-shaped style,” advises Louis. “Opt for a beard that’s shorter on the cheeks and longer towards the chin for a glance that’s truly flattering.”

For instance, a goatee – still with stubble on the cheeks – will create the impression of an extended and more pronounced chin. Pensive stroking of this style in meetings comes as standard.

What Beard Suits A Heart Face?

No man ever wants to be accused of getting a weak chin. Fortunately for those with a heart shape face, there’s how to feature ballast with a beard.

That said, don’t invest in beard oil, combs, and trimmers just yet. “This may be a smaller face shape, so a beard will only make your face appear smaller,” warns Louis. The risk, therefore, lies in growing a beard and becoming, well, just a beard.

Instead, choose designer stubble on the edges, which will afford you the rough-and-ready look without overpowering your natural bone structure. Meanwhile, leave more length within the chin and moustache to feature depth and volume to your jawline.

What Beard Suits A Square Face?

While a robust, square jaw is some things many men would gladly trade their patchy beard for, it does have its limitations when choosing to increase a five o’clock shadow into something more serious.

You don’t need a beard to exaggerate what you have already got and switch you into Johnny Bravo. “A square beard with sharp lines and right angles won’t be flattering with a broad jawline,” says Louis. “To complement this face shape, you would like to make sure that the chin area is rounded or triangular.”

Lengthening the chin with a goatee-style beard helps soften thick, wide jawbones while still creating a chiselled look. This may also focus on other features of the face, allowing those bright blues to shine.

What Beard Suits A Diamond Face?

The diamond face shape is most expansive at the cheekbones, with a narrow forehead and jawline approximately symmetrical in breadth. Therefore, the goal should be to stay the chin’s hair to offset the cheekbones, putting down the shaver. Ideally, you would like to face off a prominent chin to make the illusion of getting a more balanced bone structure.

“Be mindful with the length you trim your beard too,” says Mills. “I wouldn’t advise going too long on the chin – anything too pointy tends to intensify this face shape. you’ll go wider on the cheeks and wider on the sting of the jawbone, however, so it squares off rock bottom half your face.”

Going lighter on the moustache, meanwhile, will give further emphasis to your cheeks and jawline.

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