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It’s not impossible to shave your own back, but yeah, it’s was tricky. The Gillette Styler means to assist you in getting to those hard-to-reach areas more quickly, and therefore the key to shaving your back hair is to tackle one small patch at a time.

However, getting somebody else to assist can make the task an entire lot easier!


It’s a standard-issue: you can’t see your luxuriant back hair, but you’re very aware that it’s there. If you’re inclined to try to do something about it, remember that, while there’s no shame in being hairy, shaving your back hair is straightforward – and even just a light-weight trim can make muscles stand out.


Shaving is usually the most straightforward, thanks to removing back hair reception, requiring no assistance and none of the waxing pain. For the most detailed results, it’s worth investing in a body grooming tool with an extended handle attachment to succeeding in the middle of your back. Adjustable length settings are also essential: moving between them to realize a natural gradation of hair, using both a shaver and a comb.

Are You Ready? Here’s the way to shave your back:

Before shaving the rear hair, take a quick shower to wash up, then wait a couple of minutes to chill and dry off. Then comb through any more patches to get rid of knots.

Start shaving your back. Cover larger areas first, avoiding any moles or scars which will be sensitive. Go against the expansion of your hair, where possible. Back hair and shoulder hair are often patchy, so you’ll get to re-evaluate it in several directions to urge an in-depth shave.

Next, advance to sensitive areas or areas that need more precision. A well-placed mirror will help immensely.

Here are the steps for a way to shave your back hair (or the way to tell somebody else to) for the most direct results:

Step 1: Soften Your Back Hair

Back hair is often very wiry, so you’ll get to spend a while washing and softening it before you approach it with a razor.

A hot shower is suitable for creating hair easier to figure. If you’re shaving your back by yourself, use this point to see for any spots, skin tags, or moles that may get within the way of your razor.

Step 2: Trim Your Back Hair

Next, you would like to trim your back hair employing a body shaver that’s up to the task.

Use our All-Purpose Styler to chop your back hair to a length that’s easier to figure with – the trimmer comes with a 2mm, 4mm, and 6mm comb so that you’ll choose your preferred length.

This step helps prevent longer hairs clogging your razor blade for a more manageable (and hygienic!) shave.

Step 3: Apply Shaving Gel

Then, cover your remaining back hair in shaving gel – or get somebody else to try to do it for you. Workout a perfect lather everywhere on your back to form it easier for the razor to glide through your hair during the subsequent stage.

If you’ve got susceptible skin, confirm you’re employing a shaving gel containing some extra protection.

If you suffer from spots or acne on your back, our Skin Guard Sensitive Shaving Gel is the best choice because it doesn’t include any alcohols or dyes and features cooling aloe to appease your skin after shaving. you’ll determine more about shaving with acne here.

Step 4: Confirm Your Razor Blade is Sharp

The Gillette All Purpose Styler comes with a Fusion5 Pro-Glide Razor Blade, suitable for giving your back hair an in-depth shave.

If you’ve already used yours elsewhere on your body or it’s beginning to look a touch blunt, swap it for a fresh one before you start shaving to scale back your risk of nicks and cuts. If you usually forget to refill, check-in for a Gillette shaving subscription and obtain fresh blades delivered to your door.

Step 5: A Smooth, Even Shave

When you’re able to start shaving, tackle one patch of your back hair at a time, and always shave within the same direction that your hair grows to scale back the danger of irritation and avoid ingrown hairs.

Be gentle with yourself, making light strokes together with your razor for the original comfortable finish – remember to take care of any spots, skin tags, and moles too.

Step 6: Keep Reapplying Shaving Gel

Your back is that the most significant area of skin you’ll shave, so it’s crucial to stay reapplying shaving gel as you choose the most detailed results.

That is why it’s best to use a shaving gel instead of toiletry when you’re shaving more significant surface areas, as gels tend to travel much further.

Step 7: Rinse and Dry Off

Rinse the skin area that you’re shaving after every few strokes to prevent your blade from getting clogged with excess gel and bits of hair for a smoother razor glide.

When you’re satisfied you’ve removed all the hair you would like to, give your back a final rinse to get rid of any remaining shaving gel using warm water, and use a towel to dry yourself off.

Step 8: Moisturise

Finally, soothe your skin and keep it hydrated by employing a post-shave product. The Gillette Aftershave Moisturiser can do precisely that, while our Gillette Aftershave Balm may be a slightly gentler option for more sensitive skin, leaving it feeling refreshed.

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