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Incredibly, the average price of the cars most sought by men was $49,224, compared to a paltry $14,870 average for vehicles on the corresponding list for female drivers.

“Men typically believe that the more expensive the car, the better chance they have of receiving respect [or] of looking desirable and cool to their ideal mate and friends,” said Robert Moore, Editor-in-Chief of the popular automotive website Top Speed. “Women, on the other hand, don’t try to look ‘cool. They want something functional or cute, without concern of price.”

“When men think about their ‘dream cars’, it is likely that they are aiming high,” Reina explained. “While these men likely have a great car that’s suited to their needs, this doesn’t stop them from looking forward to the future when they can afford a more expensive and luxurious car.”

Age appears to be a significant factor in male car shoppers’ tastes: in short, starting out looking for fast, flashy cars as young men; getting more practical in midlife; then returning to some of their youthful auto preferences – only on a bigger budget – as empty-nesters or retirees.

“Depending on what stage of their life they are in, their priorities may shift,” said Reina. “A man seeking a functional, day-to-day car may be more interested in its performance, reliability, and efficiency. A man who is retired or has a disposable income for a second ‘toy’ or hobby car might look for style and customization capabilities.”

While it was tops-out with the $113,000 Bentley Continental GTC, ISEECARS’ Top 10 Cars Men Want list also includes three more utilitarian rides: The Ford F-350 Super Duty GMC Sierra 2500 HD pickup trucks and the Chevrolet Cargo Express van.

“The F-350 and Sierra 2500 aren’t bottom dwellers in the model pool, so you still get some pretty luxurious features while getting plenty of power and good looks,” said Moore. “Plus, the country lifestyle is making a comeback, so trucks (and big diesel engines) and lift kits are also more popular now.”

“In the last decade or so, trucks have become status symbols as much as luxury cars,” Reina continued. “Many now have high-tech and luxury features, allowing the ‘work truck’ to transition seamlessly into a great road trip vehicle for families.”  

Here are our experts’ takes on “manly cars” that made ISEECAR’S Top 10 Cars Men Want list.


1. NISSAN GT-R (avg. price: $80,450; inquiries by men: 99.1%)

“[The GT-R] is familiar to recent generations of gamers who have raced virtual versions of it,” said Reina. “It’s priced to compete with some of the best European sports cars, which doesn’t stop men from fantasizing about putting their favorite wheels from Forza into their garage.”

The Nissan GT-R has long been an icon in the automotive world. From obsessing over the R34 GTR in the days of 2 Fast 2 Furious to obsessing over the vintage 2000 GT-R, Godzilla has never had trouble finding love in the automotive community.

Before the Model S came out with its ludicrous speed mode, the GT-R was one of the most formidable opponents you could find at a drag strip or 0-60 race. With a 3.8L twin-turbo V6 supplying the car with 565 hp and 467 lb-ft of torque, what’s not to love about this, the king of all masculine cars?

2. BMW M3 (avg. price: $35,763; inquiries by men: 92.2%)

“sold the first M3 in the mid-1980s, so men have had lots of time to lust after these Bavarian hot-rods,” Reina explained. “Those who may have seen an older relative drive an M3 are now at the age where getting one of their own is possible, and a used one is all the better.”

Germany’s Mustang. The BMW M3 has been a long-standing icon in the automotive world, just like the GT-R. Even since the days of the E30, M3s have been blowing us away with incredible handling, a perfect balance of power and beauty, and enough room for the whole family.

Unlike the Mustang, the M3 is also available as a proper sedan, making it just versatile enough to fit both the need to get your kids to soccer practice and the need to do a sweet burnout from time-to-time.

3. PORSCHE CAYMAN (avg. price: $43,303; inquiries by men: 91.9%)

“After many attempts to build an affordable Porsche (914, 924, 944), Porsche got the formula right with the Boxster … [For] more secure year-round driving, the Cayman hardtop was launched,” Reina explained. “Porsche will always be an aspirational brand for men, and the Cayman remains an affordable way for guys to get into the club.”

Porsche’s marketing team has done a fantastic job convincing human males that owning a Porsche may be a staple of success. There seems to be some subconscious recognition by just about every guy that if they need a solid, refined driving experience and a touch of luxury, Porsche is the ideal brand.

While the Boxster gets a touch of hate for being Porsche’s ‘Ferrari California’, the Cayman seems to flee this designation entirely, despite being essentially an equivalent car. The Cayman is arguably the easy street Porsche there’s. It isn’t insanely fast, but it still features an incredible punch, it handles great, it’s fantastic, and it checks all the sports car boxes.

4. PORSCHE 911 (avg. price: $65,081; inquiries by men: 91.5%)

“Like the GT-R, this comes right down to legacy. The 911 may be a legendary car, and once you own one, you’ll always want another,” said Moore. “Even if you never get another, you’ll always remember and need you had your first one.”

Let’s be honest here, the Cayman could be the approachable Porsche, but the 911 is that the most iconic far and away. If you would like to up the ante, this is often how you are doing it. the smallest amount powerful 911 has 20 more horsepower than the foremost powerful Cayman (350 hp). The range of the 911’s performance extends to 580 hp

I seem to possess a couple of different memories of Porsche owners proclaiming that Porsches are the last word driving machine that, apart from BMW, comes close. While I even have yet to properly road-test this claim, it seems that a lot of people agree.

5. LEXUS GS 350 (avg. price: $33,004; inquiries by men: 91.3%)

“For generations who have grown up with Toyotas, Lexus is their aspirational brand,” said Reina. “The Lexus GS series is that the ‘Goldilocks’ of the lineup: not too big, not too small, and just sporty enough to supply some driving thrills while keeping you ensconced within the latest luxury touches.”

The Lexus GS 350 speaks to the JDM enthusiasts within the group due to its humble Toyota heritage and backs that up with some solid muscle.

With a naturally aspirated 311 hp 3.5L V6 under the hood and modern luxuries and comforts inside, the GS 350 has one among the simplest smiles-per-gallon ratios out there.

6. BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GTC (avg. price: $113,666; inquiries by men: 90.7%)

“With a twin-turbo V12, all-wheel-drive, and an indoor more cosseting than your front room, no wonder men want it,” said Reina. “But at $225,000 new, you’ll also see how a pre-owned one is often had at a 50-per cent discount.”

So, this one is reaching for the clouds, but we can’t say we’re surprised. If I had $100,000 lying around to spend on a car, I most certainly wouldn’t be spending it on a Bentley. That being said, a second-hand one a 50% off may be a pretty enticing deal, and for a young millionaire or spending-conscious billionaire, the Continental may be a steal.

7. CHEVROLET EXPRESS CARGO (avg. price: $16,433; inquiries by men: 90.5%)

“This vehicle is probably going on the list because it’s a workhorse,” said Moore. “It doesn’t exactly look amazing just like the remainder of the vehicles, but you’ll move almost anything and still have room to spare within the cabin.”

While the Express Cargo Van may need surprised some people, we expect this speaks to the practical side of a man’s mind. Check out all the space for activities! Check out all that storage! You’ll go camping, and you’ll found out a mobile detail shop, you’ll cross-country haul, you’ll roll in the hay all, baby! And you’re telling me it’s only $16k? Where do I sign?!

8. FORD F-350 SUPER DUTY (avg. price: $28,870; inquiries by men: 87.7%)

“The F-350 is hard, powerful, can tow almost anything, including fifth-wheel trailers, and appears good doing it,” Moore said. “It says you’re employed, but you furthermore may wish to look good and don’t have time for worrying about if your trunk has enough strength to urge the work done.”

While I attempt to follow a ‘no vehicles quite two feet taller than myself’ rule, the Ford F-350 Super Duty is one hell of a machine. It’s no wonder guys love it. It’s big, it can go almost anywhere, it’s got enough torque to haul anything you’ll dream of, and it can do so together with your whole family on board.

If you’re not into paved road activities, it’s also quite good off-road, and with the proper setup, it is often an honest truck for mudding and usually romping. Of course, if that’s the route you would like to travel, you’re probably more happy buying used.

9. CADILLAC CTS-V (avg. price: $44,555; inquiries by men: 86.8%)

“Long known for luxury, [Cadillac] awakened to the very fact that to be competitive, it must also offer performance,” said Reina. “The Caddy CTS-V competes with the simplest that Europe has got to offer, so for men who want to point out their American pride in their driveways … are often the right choice.”

The CTS-V has been a luxury muscle icon for as long as I can remember. It’s an enormous, beautiful sedan (or coupe) with a Chevrolet Corvette engine for crying aloud.

While the new ones are pretty nice, I’m personally expecting the day that the old CTS-V wagons fall under my price range. Now that’s a correct hot hatch—possibly the most well-liked.

10. GMC SIERRA 2500 HD (avg. price: $31,109; inquiries by men: 85.1%)

“You can get all of the facility you would like with a bed within the back while still getting the wood trim, nice audio system, and therefore the ability to haul things,” mulled Moore. “If you’re trying to find a truck but want something a touch more luxurious, you skip Chevy and go straight to GMC.”

And, rounding out the list, we’ve got another big truck, which is that the same thing as what Ford had happening. A minimum of we’re somewhat consistent. As far as I can tell, supported this list, men like sports cars and trucks. There’s nothing on this list that gets even ‘kind of ok’ mileage or is often had under $10,000 unless it’s extremely used.

Men, I feel it’s time for us to acknowledge that we aren’t cheap dates. So, what if she wants the salmon rather than a salad? You’re the one pining over an $80,000 sports car.

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